Unknown Horizons Version 2009.00 ist da

Unknown Horizons Version 2009.00 ist da.

Zu dem möchte ich euch auch sagen das ich jetzt Projektleiter bei der Fife Engine bin. Und wir zusammen UH und Fife neue Devs suchen um die Engine als auch Unknown Horizons zu verbessern.
Wer Interesse hat kann ich gerne bei uns melden oder einfach hier Posten.


Channel: #fife und #unknown-horizon

Hier einmal der Changelog:

2009-03-08: Milestone 2009.0

* General

* New: Added a free trader that sells and buys the players goods

* New: Buildings are now rotatable

* New: Buy/Sell menu

* New: Add running costs and an option to decomission buildings to the game

* New: Started basic work on Gettext support for adding different languages to the game

* New: Isles get filled randomly with trees on startup

* New: New Map

* Change: Changed name from OpenAnno to Unknown Horizons

* Change: Rebuilt ship inventory

* Change: Random tree/building on build

* Change: Lumberjack cuts trees randomly

* Change: Massive changes in the content directory structure to allow easier implementation of animations

* Fix: Crash in build mode

* Fix: Collectors use tents as path

* Fix: Crash in Destruction mode – mouse drag

* Fix: Trees being build over existing sreets and trees autotearing them down

* Fix: Herder goes backwards and his sheeps are all at the same place

* Fix: Turning menu: picture and building are asynchron

* Fix: Stock don’t increase after building a storage tent

* Fix: Weater steal in other weater’s tent.

* Fix: Resource Transfer crashes game when out of range

* Fix: Buildable status only updated on mouse move

* Graphics and GUI

* New: New building main square, where inhabitants get their ressources

* New: Icons for switching game speed

* New: New model for signal fire

* New: New models for different types of trees

* Change: Resized buildings and units

* Change: Added new graphics for units

* Change: New graphics for main ship and trader

* Change: Redesign of build menu, added icons of buildable objects

* Change: New tileset

* Change: Unified lighting on renderings

* Change: Updated Buildings: Softened shadows, added some grass, texture work

* Fix: ship-trademenu and mainmenu are overlapping

* Fix: Unified lighting in renderings

* Sound

* New: Implemented build sound

* New: Added ambient sounds for lumberjack, herder, main square and branch office

* New: Rolloff function for sound, which fades ambient sounds depending on the position on the map

* New: New Song Beware the Ship’s Kobold!

* New: Functionality to adjust volume level for music and effects

* New: Implemented event based speech output

* New: Added four different sounds to welcome you on the map

… and a lot more smaller bugfixes.

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, testers and supporters.



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